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Requesting a Degree Audit Report

After completing 45-60 semester hours, students should request a degree audit through the college academic advising center or through their major department/school, as determined by college guidelines. When the audit is approved by the appropriate college dean or dean's representative, it will list all courses required for graduation. Students also have the option to run their own unofficial audit at any time before seeing their advisor. The audit should be used to determine which courses to take at each registration.

It is highly recommended that students see their academic advisors to review their degree audits within their last 30 hours prior to graduation. Students need to verify that they are meeting the appropriate degree requirements including coursework and grade-point averages in all courses taken at Texas State and in the major and minor fields of study. If any of the grade-point averages are below the minimums required for graduation, the degree audit can be used in deciding how to raise the averages in the remaining coursework.

The College Dean has the final approval and appeal for all graduation requirements, including but not limited to degree audits, grade-point average, courses, prerequisites, graduation application, transfer credit, residency, catalog time limit, and designation.


Students can obtain a degree audit online through DegreeWorks (login required). However, students are encouraged to make an appointment with an advisor for assistance in interpreting their degree audit, as well as to verify accuracy of the reports and to ensure that students have the most up-to-date information regarding their degree plans. A degree audit is not an academic transcript, and it is not an official notification of completion of degree or certificate requirements.


Information on this page adapted from the Texas State University Undergraduate Catalog for 2014-2016.